Evenlode for Fen Farm.JPG

Evenlode is a new cheese, being first produced in spring 2018.

Evenlode takes it's name from a nearby village, and a small river which rises at Moreton-in-Marsh, and joins the Thames near Oxford.

Evenlode is a semi-soft, rind washed cheese, typically having a firm, curdy core with bright, lactic flavours, and a softer, pudgy breakdown below it's sticky, brick-red rind, where the flavours are more savoury, meaty, and peanutty, and the aroma quite pungent.

The first batches made were firm bodied, with a natural, mould ripened rind. These cheeses were akin to some of our traditional territorial cheeses when tasted young, but as they continued to mature alongside Rollright in a high humidity room, they began to develop stickier rinds, with orange pigmentation and flavours more typical of a washed rind cheese. Rather than fighting what the cheese seemingly wanted to become, it seemed obvious that this was an opportunity to develop a second washed rind cheese, of a very different style to Rollright. 

We use Barber’s pint starter MT36, and traditional animal rennet to produce Evenlode.