The milk

We make our cheese using milk from King Stone Farm.

King Stone Farm is located on a high ridge overlooking the North Cotswolds and the borders of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. The farm is owned by the Haine family, who run a mixed herd of dairy cows, milked on the farm using two milking robots, which allows the cows to be milked at a time of their choosing. Brown Swiss cows form the largest component of the herd, with other breeds being Ayrshire, Dairy Shorthorn, British Friesian, Holstein, Simmental, Jersey and Guernsey.

From early spring to late autumn, the cows graze the diverse pastures where old, slow growing grasses, and wild plants such as trefoils, vetches, orchids and red and white clover flourish.  During the wetter months of the year, the herd is housed inside, and are fed on silage cut from the farm’s grass, clover, lucerne, and whole crop wheat. Rolled beans from a neighbouring farm, barley, and brewers’ grains are also fed to increase the protein in the cows’ diet.

A core aim of the farm is to breed cows suited to a minimum intervention system of farming, and to produce milk with high levels of proteins and butterfat. The use of the Brown Swiss cow is a direct response to achieving these goals.